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Woodstock Manor


  • How does living in Woodstock Manor differ from living in my own home?
    Living at Woodstock Manor is similar to living in a private home in that residents have a high level of independence and may leave the grounds as they please. We are a small residential program, so while our facility is peaceful and quiet, there are other residents living here. Depending on your accommodations, you may or may not share a room with another individual. There are staff on site 24/7 to provide supervision and support.
  • What is the admissions process like?
    The first step is to submit a completed Application for Admission form, along with a psychosocial history, current psychiatric assessment, and current comprehensive treatment plan and/or discharge plan. Woodstock Manor's Administrator conducts an Admission Interview and Assessment and reviews your application and supporting documentation. Required documents must be submitted prior to the face-to-face interview. These documents may be submitted via fax to (845) 810-7701, or via email to
  • Do residents have a voice in how Woodstock Manor is run?
    Yes! Residents have several ways to voice their opinions and make suggestions regarding the policies and procedures practiced by Woodstock Manor. Our Residents have the opportunity to share their thoughts and communicate with the management and staff of the Woodstock Manor verbally or anonymously via a Suggestion Box. All operational updates that may have any effect on current practices are shared with all residents in advance prior to implementation.
  • What are the fees involved in moving to Woodstock Manor and what do they cover?
    The monthly fees vary by the living arrangement you choose. All basic services are included with the monthly fee. For more information about program costs, please contact our Administrator Ben Howard at
  • How do I get on Woodstock Manor's wait list? How long do I have to wait to move in?
    The first step is to submit an Application for Admission to see if our facility is a mutual fit. Accommodations are offered to people on our wait list with the earliest application dates who are ready to move in within the next year. The length of time between submitting an application and being approved for admission varies based upon the type of accommodation you request and the number of people on the wait list who have an earlier application date.
  • Who is appropriate for Woodstock Manor?
    Just as you want to ensure that Woodstock Manor is the 'right fit' prior to admission, Woodstock Manor takes great care to ensure that our residents are suitable for our community. We are committed to maintaining a lively yet peaceful and therapeutic environment. We take pride in our family-like atmosphere and the support system that we have created here. Therefore, we are highly selective with regards to admission. To be accepted for admission, residents must meet all of the following criteria: Not currently verbally, sexually, or physically aggressive Able to participate in structured daily programming Willing to take medications as prescribed Capable of self-preservation (i.e., exiting a building in case of an emergency) We are not able to accept applicants who: Are actively suicidal or pose a potential threat to themselves or others Are actively addicted to drugs and/or alcohol (must be sober for a minimum of 6 months)
  • What do you expect from your residents?
    As we are a community residence, everyone who lives here contributes to the functioning of the house. All residents must be respectful of each other, respectful of staff members, and must be respectful of the house rules and guidelines. Residents must take medications as prescribed by their physicians, and must be engaged in therapeutic treatment plans.
  • What is the typical daily schedule like?
    We place a great deal of emphasis on engaging in meaningful activities in daily life at Woodstock Manor. Resident's daily schedules are based upon their personal goals and areas of functioning that may benefit from additional support. Program schedules vary by day depending upon the seasons and current program offerings. Please see "Our Program" for more information about current programs.
  • How long do residents typically stay at Woodstock Manor?
    This varies greatly for each resident. Some residents choose to reside at Woodstock Manor long term, while others stay during a transition period over the course of a year or two while they develop independent living skills that will enable them to move to more independent housing.

Woodstock Manor's programs are designed to enhance the lives of our residents. We offer various social activities, recreational classes, and support services to meet individual resident needs and encourage personal growth.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Woodstock Manor: 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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